Space Planning

Covent Garden Office Space Planning

Quality space planning can be the difference between efficient and inefficient offices. Optimised space planning leads to greater productivity and employee satisfaction. If you’re looking for help with space planning and are eager to re-organise your environment to make it more efficient than ever before, Covent Garden Office Space are here for you.

Our expert team have the experience needed to create office environments that you and your staff will love. We can organise things in a way that impresses any visitors, including potential investors and clients. We think not only about the present but the future too when rethinking office space. We acknowledge future plans and can help you to get as much as possible out of your office space. At Covent Garden Office Space, we collaborate with a number of companies that in order to create optimised office plans. No matter how big or small your office is, you can count on us to get results.

Let’s take a look at our space planning services

  • FEASIBILITY STUDIES: Are you currently using all your available space? How will things change in the future? We can talk to you in details about topics like departmental proximities, storage facilities and making collaboration more effective.
  • CONCEPT DRAWINGS: Find out exactly what your space will look like even before changes have been made. We offer concept and test-fit drawings alongside 3D walk-through facilities.
  • ACCOMODATION STANDARDS: Find out exactly how much space you need. We have years of office design and planning behind us and are here to help you uncover the answers.
  • FUTURE FLEXIBILTY: We leave no stone unturned when looking at usage patterns and predicted growth. We can offer you advise on what to do not only now but in the future when further changes might be made. Save time and money without compromising on efficiency or revenue.

Find out more about what our in-house design team can do today. We can create comprehensive office space plans and send them to you within a 24-hour time frame. Our services help you to cater for present needs as well as future requirements. Talk to us today about space planning in Covent Garden.

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