Rent Reviews

Covent Garden Office Rent Reviews

If your office is located in Covent Garden and you think that you’re paying too much for it, we can help. We specialise in negotiating with landlords on behalf of our clients, so if it’s time for rents to be reviewed or leases to be renewed, get in touch with us today. We can help you whether you’re a tenant or a head lessee.

Our fearless staff have negotiated lower rents on behalf of a wealth of clients and are passionate about fairness. With years of experience behind them, they have the ability to reduce your exposure to rent increases whilst making sure that landlords are happy with the revenue being generated too. We can make landlord-tenant relationships more prosperous than ever before, coming up with arrangements that all parties are happy with.

We’re waiting to hear from you if you’re interesting in finding help with rent reviews in Covent Garden.

See some of the services that we can offer below

  • Taking action when upwards rent reviews are proposed by landlords. We work tirelessly until best value outcomes are achieved.
  • Negotiating fair outcomes when rent reviews are appropriate and striving for value
  • Liaising with landlords and their tenants to reach mutually-beneficial agreements even when negotiations have failed. We strive for best value results.


Get in touch with our expert team today to organise fairer agreements on lease renewals and rent reviews. We’re here to bring results that everyone is happy with.

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