Project Management

Covent Garden Office Project Management

At Covent Garden Office Space, we’re proud of our project management services. We offer support for companies in various states of transition. Whether you’re happy to move on, have been given little choice, are downsizing or upgrading, we’re here for you and can provide you with the project management services that you’re looking for. Our staff have years of experience behind them and have overseen hundreds of office moves. We’re here to make everything run as smoothly as possible and to take the stress and strain out of relocating.

We advise you to call on us at the earliest opportunity to make your move run like clockwork. Pick up the phone today if you’re planning on relocating and are eager to make the process as painless as you can. Without help from an expert team such as ourselves, you may run into several problems before, during and after your move, but we can help you to relocate with minimal disruption and downtime. You can count on our esteemed professionals to make life easier for you.

We make relocation a breeze and strive to ensure that your operations are not compromised.

Services that we offer include

  • Assistance with fit-outs
  • Dilapidation project management
  • Space planning audits
  • Space optimisation
  • Finding acclaimed contractors for refurbishments and fit outs
  • Advice on end-of-lease repair and reinstatement obligations

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’re interested in enjoying a smoother move. Our track record speaks for itself, and we have helped scores of clients to move from one office to another without facing significant obstacles.

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