Building Surveys

Covent Garden Office Space Building Surveys

Surveys need to take place not only if you’re planning on buying an office space but if you’re considering renting one too. Surveys involve a series of crucial checks ensuring identifying evidence of electrical and mechanical faults and structural damage and drawing up a schedule of conditions.

A schedule of conditions involves any defects being noted as a result of a comprehensive survey. This means that you can make an informed judgement about whether a property is right for you before you sign up for it. Surveys offer a detailed analysis of a property’s condition. Our professional surveyors have the qualifications, experience and expertise needed to provide you with in-depth advice on issues such as extensions and renovations as well as alterations and defects. They can give you advice on making repairs and enhancing structures.

If you will need to make repairs, you can count on us to make sure that they are completed on time. We can also provide you with detailed advice on issues like legal and environmental obligations, restoration and building regulations.

Talk to us today to arrange a survey with Covent Garden Office Space. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to making checks, looking for faults and arranging repairs. We’re here to make sure that your office space is ready for you when you move in. Talk to us today to talk about building surveys for Covent Garden offices.

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