Difference between serviced and leased offices

There are many crucial differences between leased and serviced offices and it’s wise to spend time thinking about which is going to be right for you before you come to a decision. Serviced offices offer a great deal of flexibility and are ideal if you’re looking for a short-term solution with everything that you might need already set up and waiting for you as well as being included in the price. Meanwhile, leased offices may prove to be the best solution if you’re looking to settle into one environment for a number of years. You will have to pay for refits, furniture and computer equipment, but many people are happy to do this if it means not having to relocate for a significant period of time.

Serviced Offices or Leased?

At Covent Garden Office Space, we can help you find your ideal leased or serviced office. An agreement for a serviced office may last for just a few months, whilst a leased office contract may be for five or ten years. Whilst signing up for a leased office can be a big risk, it can be the best option if you’re confident that your company will continue to grow.

Talk to us today if you’re looking for leased or serviced offices in Covent Garden. We specialise in helping our clients to get the best terms and prices possible, and our staff are renowned for their negotiation skills. We can make sure that you won’t have to pay for facilities that you won’t use or more space than you need. Why not drop us a line right now?

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