Creative offices, Covent Garden

Creative offices, Covent Garden are now available for businesses with anywhere between 4 and 40 staff. The building provides contemporary office design and would appeal to creative industries seeking a building that offers them and their workers more than just simply office space. Their boutique business lounge provides the perfect setting for informal meetings with your team, client entertaining, and one and one meetings or interviews… Even the common parts and corridors have been thought through from floor to ceiling, with on trend city chic artwork, suspended lighting fixtures and fittings that set the mood for creative thinking, and their bespoke decor that contributes enormously to the richness of the environment.


Your business may have a relatively small headcount, but thanks to it being located a short walk from Covent Garden tube station, this building offers you the opportunity to transform the image of your brand. It is designed to be client facing, impressive, seductive, and to create envy from its neighbours in WC2.

Current occupiers in this new building range from advertising and media companies, tech start ups with series A funding, niche creative agencies, to project teams for some the worlds most exciting technology, media, and telecommunication companies.


The building is huge in scale which is of course a notable plus, because as we all know moving offices is pain in the you know what, an expense, and a bad look for your brand potentially if you move too frequently or to the wrong building. This landlord offers you the chance to secure a permanent home as a tenant of the building, but because of its vastness, also the opportunity to upsize and downsize accordingly depending on where your business is on its journey. As we say to our new recruits at Covent Garden Office Space, the first rule of property is to always make sure you are only paying for space that you use. Office space is very often the second largest cost to occupiers after their wage bill, and this is even more of a pertinent point in Covent Garden, where rents are comparatively high to other areas of London. But as we say to our trainee’s as their second rule of thumb, you always get what you pay for!


Here at Covent Garden Office Space we exclusively advise tenants on their property decisions, helping them in the main to find and secure new office premises. If you are in the market for office space in Covent Garden or Soho then please feel free to reach out to our team for an up to date list of everything that is available in the area to match your search size and budget. Our team advises small, medium, and large occupiers in the area and we would be delighted to help.

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