Creative Industries and their Love for Covent Garden

This week in the newspapers there has been a fair amount of commentary about the growing importance of the Creative Industries as part of the UK economy. Whether this is a well timed plea by the political parties to engage with a voting group sometimes ignored in the run up to a general election, or perhaps it’s just a reflection on the impact and importance such companies have these days.

A typical vision of a Covent Garden Office Space
A typical vision of a Covent Garden Office Space

It has been well documented that the UK is now an Island of micro businesses and that London is a hub of creativity. So from a Covent Garden point of view – how important are the Creative Industries to the area, and has this always been the case. Well historically Covent Garden has always been a first choice for PR and marketing companies, or large agencies such as FCB Inferno or Aegis, Originally attracted to Covent Garden by the bohemian vibe, and multi cultural feeling that Covent Garden instantly gives a visitor or office worker.

However it’s also true to say that once upon a time Covent Garden was seen as a less expensive alternative to Soho. And really only a short walk away. These days Holborn would like to claim this tagline “cheaper than Soho” but rental growth a bit further east means that Holborn is no less expensive than Covent Garden.

The creative industries will often value style of building and it’s image as the most important factor when deciding on a building. This is more relevant today than ever before as companies will seek out the unusual to help attract staff and retain the best talent.

In our opinion Covent Garden offices are still a first choice for the Creative Industries, as most of the big agencies remain within walking distance of the location – and the mix of bars, restaurants and shopping in Covent Garden is as relevant to the Creative sector as ever.

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