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Buy Office Space

Although Covent Garden Office Space is a commercial property agent with an exceptional reputation among those seeking offices to let, we can also provide the very highest standard of advice and help for those considering purchasing an office outright.

Things to consider before buying office space

Purchasing offices can bring very real benefits over renting them. You may want a more stable, long-term home for your company, or you may be buying as an investment. Whatever your reasons for looking for an office to buy, it’s vital that you have your priorities right.

Every organisation has different needs, and we can give you the independent, impartial guidance that you require if you are to make the right decision.

There is so much demand for freehold properties in Covent Garden, that it really is important to have the right company by your side to find the right workspace, in the right place, at the right price. Covent Garden Office Space is precisely that company.

Don’t seek an office to buy without consulting us

There are so many things to carefully consider when seeking to purchase an office in Covent Garden. Not only is there the potentially considerable financial risk, but taking a freehold property also generally leaves you needing to negotiate with various agents, receivers, banks, sellers and brokers.

Rather than dealing with the hazards of trying to find a property like this on your own, why not make the most of the impressive property market track record, experience and knowhow of Covent Garden Office Space?

We’ll guide you through all of the stages of the process, from the initial search and the decision on what property to buy, to the negotiation of the price and even the fitting out of the office.

Send an e-mail to sales@reesa.com to find out more about our Covent Garden office search services.